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An explanation for ‘game’.

When it comes to gaming, a great number of people may consider it is useless or a waste of time and money. Why do we think that things have to work out or it’s the outcome of things that matter?

Evolutionary psychology holds that even today, our brains and minds are still predisposed to thinking in terms of a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, and the rest of the world still exists only in our imaginations. Even today, despite the abundance of sweets, we still have a strong desire to stuff ourselves silly with high-calorie junk food, much like people did back in the Stone Age when sugar was scarce. The drive to keep hoarding, to keep trying to acquire persists even in a world where biological poverty has been virtually eradicated and famine is difficult to achieve. This desire may have emerged following the agricultural revolution.

From a cultural anthropological perspective, it is the only culture that shapes our values and makes us feel useful and useless. The capitalist ethic (economic growth is good) and consumerism brought about by the development of capitalism, the new nationalistic values that emerged after the collapse of empires etc. 

It is not a lie, but an imagination that shapes our values, our desires, and it is inevitable that we live, breathe and feel the sorrows and joys of our culture. Any meaning we give to life is in fact an illusion, essentially the same, without any distinction between higher and lower. Happiness is likely to be a matter of synchronising individual illusions of meaning with the prevailing collective illusion.

So we don’t need to measure the value of ‘playing games’ by the values of popular culture, we just need to find it meaningful. What’s more, today’s consumerism has given rise to a large and growing community culture among online gamers, in which community and meaning are both presents. In a sense, people who really love games are often the least utilitarian and the least influenced by utilitarian considerations, indeed, they are free people.

So it’s safe to conclude. Is playing games a waste of time? It depends on you. If you play the game thinking that the goal within the game is the most important and are always led by it, then you are wasting your time If you feel that the game has no meaning for you, then you are wasting your time. 

The game is only as valuable as its process, so just enjoy it to the fullest. Don’t get hooked on dopamine or some cheap feedback, and don’t get pulled towards a work-based labour process because the goal of the game is tempting. Secondly, recognise that you are playing games as a self-imposed choice. Playing games is not an escape from reality, it is not a compromise of your feedback system, playing games is a free and voluntary choice, as long as you feel that games are more meaningful to you now than anything else, then play them now. If you are interested in online gaming, go check Mega888 for further information.

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