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Attitudes towards reading online fiction

If there’s anything you can’t touch other than pornography, gambling and drugs, I’d definitely answer that it’s online fiction. This is the preamble. There are many side-effects to reading online fiction, in fact, its main function is to pass the time. But because of its addictive nature, it is destined to have more side effects than its main purpose. There are also good and bad side effects.

A book is a world, and this world is a microcosm that shows a certain dimension of the world, and reading online can develop the intellect without you realizing it. There is no shortage of web authors who have some very cold but compelling cold knowledge, and if it tickles your curiosity, you can invariably expand your knowledge. 

Online fiction is most demanding in terms of characterisation and story stringing. While experiencing the pleasures of online fiction, you will become somewhat sensitive to the character traits of the characters, and slowly perhaps you will find that you start to analyse the classmates and colleagues around you, start to learn to read the language and unconsciously imitate the main character’s routines, and slowly you become more mature in your thinking. 

The drawbacks of reading online fiction are self-evident. First, Your eyes are nearsighted by leaps and bounds. You don’t want to exercise more and more, and you try every possible way to find time to read online articles and because you don’t exercise, your body starts to become obese, your cervical vertebrae become inflamed, and your face starts to decline

As you read more and more online articles, you find that you have read almost all the good ones, and fewer and fewer of them can catch your eye, so your habit and book shortage starts to bother you alternately, and you start to get grumpy. What’s worse, you finds that your memory is greatly reduced and you always feel that you have forgotten something, the most clearly remembered thing in your head is the characters, but the storyline is always mixed up.

But there are also many benefits to reading online novels. You can gain insight and keep up with the times faster while writing online novels can exercise your writing skills and also improve your literary level. 

In life, there will always be times of boredom, so reading novels has become a common way for people to pass the time, nowadays, the Internet has facilitated the flow of information, boosted the automation industries such as best patlite products Malaysia, Elcomp and online novels can be read faster than traditional literature. What’s more, there are no pros and cons to novels per se, just different groups, the degree of influence will have a size, good or bad, so please read novels and write novels are good, grasp the appropriate rest time, study time and work time on it.

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