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An explanation for ‘game’.

When it comes to gaming, a great number of people may consider it is useless or a waste of time and money. Why do we think that things have to work out or it’s the outcome of things that matter?

Evolutionary psychology holds that even today, our brains and minds are still predisposed to thinking in terms of a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, and the rest of the world still exists only in our imaginations. Even today, despite the abundance of sweets, we still have a strong desire to stuff ourselves silly with high-calorie junk food, much like people did back in the Stone Age when sugar was scarce. The drive to keep hoarding, to keep trying to acquire persists even in a world where biological poverty has been virtually eradicated and famine is difficult to achieve. This desire may have emerged following the agricultural revolution.

From a cultural anthropological perspective, it is the only culture that shapes our values and makes us feel useful and useless. The capitalist ethic (economic growth is good) and consumerism brought about by the development of capitalism, the new nationalistic values that emerged after the collapse of empires etc. 

It is not a lie, but an imagination that shapes our values, our desires, and it is inevitable that we live, breathe and feel the sorrows and joys of our culture. Any meaning we give to life is in fact an illusion, essentially the same, without any distinction between higher and lower. Happiness is likely to be a matter of synchronising individual illusions of meaning with the prevailing collective illusion.

So we don’t need to measure the value of ‘playing games’ by the values of popular culture, we just need to find it meaningful. What’s more, today’s consumerism has given rise to a large and growing community culture among online gamers, in which community and meaning are both presents. In a sense, people who really love games are often the least utilitarian and the least influenced by utilitarian considerations, indeed, they are free people.

So it’s safe to conclude. Is playing games a waste of time? It depends on you. If you play the game thinking that the goal within the game is the most important and are always led by it, then you are wasting your time If you feel that the game has no meaning for you, then you are wasting your time. 

The game is only as valuable as its process, so just enjoy it to the fullest. Don’t get hooked on dopamine or some cheap feedback, and don’t get pulled towards a work-based labour process because the goal of the game is tempting. Secondly, recognise that you are playing games as a self-imposed choice. Playing games is not an escape from reality, it is not a compromise of your feedback system, playing games is a free and voluntary choice, as long as you feel that games are more meaningful to you now than anything else, then play them now. If you are interested in online gaming, go check Mega888 for further information.

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Advantages Of Binary System For Multi-level Marketing

Before we start with the advantages of the binary system in multi-level marketing, let me explain a little bit about what it actually is, to avoid any confusion. Many top-performing MLM firms employ a binary MLM plan as a network marketing compensation approach. New distributor-sponsored members are added to either the left or right leg. A binary tree is constructed by adding two additional members on either side of the subtree. The top person is called as a manager and they will recruit new distributors and is called as upline distributors and upline distributors will recruit people and they are called as the downline distributors.

If you are planning to get involved with binary system business, make sure you find the best binary system for MLM so that you can get a lot of benefits from it. In this article, I will be sharing a little bit about the advantages of the binary system for multi-level marketing.

best binary system MLM
Cropped shot of an unrecognizable man filling a document with the help of a financial advisor at home

1.       You can profit from the success of your upline distributors

The up-line or individual that sponsors you into the business will profit from your success if you choose a binary payout model, because the binary system forces your up-line to position new members underneath them. And it will work the same to you once you have become an upline distributor. This is known as spill over, and it has the potential to drastically alter the amount of residual income you get, independent of your level of success or how you coach others in your MLM company.

2.       Beneficial for all distributors

A binary compensation plan provides benefits to all of its participants. Both new recruits and older members are welcomed. There are no differences between any members. For instance, if you know a few multi-level marketing businesses, they actually prepared monthly and annual bonuses and vacations for their downline or members. The bonuses are also for all members which means you can get the benefit as soon as your few months being their distributor.

3.       Supportive environment

If you want to work in a supportive business environment, a binary system from MLM business will surely give you that. This is mainly because the success of the company or brand is dependent on the success rate of the distributors. In that case, everyone will be very supportive to each other as everyone is the factor affecting the success rate of the brand.

4.       Coaching session

One more benefit of being in this multi-level marketing is that they will have a coaching session or mentoring session for whoever that just joined their business. The uplines or leaders will conduct mentoring sessions as much as they want. They usually have a schedule for it. Some prefer once a week but some might prefer more frequent mentoring sessions so that they could learn a lot of things in a short period of time.

5.       Protecting your pay out

This approach allows your MLM business to expand in a variety of ways. It has a payout of “two to infinity.” As a consequence, regardless of how thoroughly one installs new members into the down-line, other people’s sales and recommendations will result in the same amount of rewards and compensations.

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Trivial Tips that Matter in Casino Games

Just like using cigarettes, gambling is also bad. But then again, even if most of us know about this, we cannot stop as if the habit is already in our system. Are you a gambler as well? You must be and are looking for relevant tips right now. 

online betting malaysia
Virtual casino. Online gambling. Laptop with dice and chips.

But then again, you will be surprised that even trivial tips can actually be helpful during your games. The thing is, there is really no tip that can assure your winning. But there are some tips that can at least help you accept if you lose and still have a good time. After all, most of us are already aware that gambling is not a job where earning money is assured. In fact, when you gamble, you will usually lose money for that matter!

Are you interested in learning new tips? Check this out:

  • No matter what you do, no matter how long you already played slot games, you can never be more expert than the newbies. Yes, as slot games are luck-based. You cannot strategize here and the jackpots are random. It can be in your next spin or it cannot happen to you even if you will play the entire day. So, there is no need to check out some tips when it comes to slot games and just has fun! If you win, then good, but if not, then at least you have enjoyed it!
  • Sometimes, attendants will give you tips like what machine to use and so on. Yes, they may sound experts, but trust me, they don’t know more than you do. In fact, even if they will be the ones to sit down and play, they can’t be assured of having more chances of winning. All the time, slot games are based on luck. This is not something you can analyze on. 
  • While slot games are based on luck, you can still avoid costly mistakes by learning first how to play the game like what to expect, the expected winnings, how much you can bet on, and more. Note that you have a lot to choose from when it comes to the denomination. So, you can also start small and when you get the hang of it, maybe you can increase your bets slowly. 
  • Always stay on your budget. Yes, this is a general rule when you are gambling as this kind of activity can easily have you hooked. Before you know it, you already touched the money that is not meant for you to touch. Be responsible when gambling and don’t assume that the next spin can yield a jackpot streak as that is still quite vague, just like your very first spin. 

Another tip, since we are not experiencing something deadly and everyone can be a carrier, why not just settle in online betting Malaysia? This is not just being responsible, this is also being a loving head of the family. Don’t be the carrier in your own home.


Pussy888 Malaysia Online Casino

Malaysia is known for a lot of things. We have nasi lemak, teh tarik, roti canai, thosai, char kuey tiaw, Dato Lee Chong Wei, and so many other things. One thing is for sure, Malaysians love online casinos. The Southeast Asian region is among the high demands of online casinos, especially from countries like Thailand, Singapore, and more. With the technology and all, all of these demands and sources are possible. When you look back in the day, online casino is considered a scam. People are scared to approach online casinos and though the physical ones are just the way to go.

pussy888 malaysia

Well, that changes in 1994. With a slow internet connection, online gambling games and sites are struggling. People do not believe the money in online forms. Plus, the online transactions at that time were very risky and unsafe. Sooner after people see the potential of the internet. Hence, they started to grow the internet and have Internet Service Providers around every corner of everywhere. This is the spark of the competition between the service providers. The in 1996, technology has allowed us to have secured online progress. Cryptologic developed the first secure online transaction and it is widely used by online casino providers. 

In 1996, InterCasino made the first real money transaction, and the industry sort of had a new breath and things to build form. Though the stories of people being scammed are daily news, the demands are flooding. By the year 1998, the online gambling industry reached $834.5 million in revenue. This shows how successful the industry has become and the numbers kept on multiplying after that. With the arrival of the 2000s and high-speed internet, the online casino industry had gone enormous. The competition has never been more compact with people have so many options to invest their millions in online casinos. Who knows, maybe this is only the tip of the iceberg for online casino success. 

Speaking of quality online casinos, you should shift your search to Pussy888 Malaysia. This online casino practices the Asian theme and with over 80 plus games to choose from, players are more than ready to invest here. With all categories for so many players, there surely is everything for everyone. The platform is easy to access and download, and Pusyy888 is among the new big names now alongside Ocean King, Panther Moon, and so on. They will not take too much space in your smartphone and they are also very secure with their security level. 

Pussy888 offers games like slots, live casinos, fishing titles, and a whole lot more. With great designs, these are the games that you do not want to miss. Their bonus features allow the newcomers to come and test the waters first before jumping into the real battle. The payment system is also very safe. It accepts payments via ATM or cash transfers and Pussy888 is very transparent with its process and services. Everything would be quick and clean, like your withdrawals and so on. No virus, no threat, no scams, only great times and big wins at Pussy888. 


Best Gambling Games to Play With Friends

Going to the best online casino or poker room is a popular pastime for many gamblers. However, you do not need to go somewhere in order to generate gaming action. We’ve compiled a list of 21 gambling activities that you can undertake with your buddies. You won’t have to travel, and the majority of these activities are safe. In other words, the house has no advantage because it does not exist. When it comes down to it, you and your buddies can wager on nearly anything. This isn’t meant to be an exhaustive list. It’s only a starting point if you’re seeking something to wager on. We’ll go through some really enjoyable games for you and your buddies to gamble on. Take a glance at the listing below and see what kinds of gambling fun you may have with your pals without having to go to a casino.

best online casino
  • Blackjack

Everyone believes they have a successful blackjack strategy. What is the reason for this? The rules are straightforward, and the casino dealers always go for a soft 17 when playing. This card game should be simpler than it is, but you’ll rarely see individuals concentrating so closely on their cards, the game, or the dealer’s hand. They’ve read a book or an article about how to win at poker. They can’t wait to go all-in. Faces get strained, and the air crackles with energy and swears on occasion. There are dozens of card games to choose from, and blackjack, sometimes known as “21,” is one of them. This game’s popularity has never dwindled, owing to the fast-paced gameplay and the fact that counting to 21 is simple (for most people).

  • Jenga

Another popular game that you can play with your pals is Jenga. Jenga is a game that is played with rectangular blocks if you have never played it before. Players take turns removing individual blocks from the tower, which are stacked together to construct a tall structure. Whoever is responsible for the skyscraper collapsing is the loser. Jenga is a popular game because it allows multiple players to participate at the same time. It’s also appropriate for adults, as the thrill of the game lasts even when you’re older. You can bet on who will win the game or how many blocks will be pulled out in total to incorporate wagering into this game. Alternatively, all players can purchase into the game and the pot will be split evenly between the winners. If you’re enjoying this as a drinking contest, you can make the loser drink a shot as well. As a result, it’s a fantastic game to play with friends. Jenga blocks, of course, are required to play this game. Once you’ve stacked them all together, you’re ready to play!

  • Betting on sports

The best part of betting on sports with your friends is that, unlike casino online gambling, you won’t lose a lot of money. You don’t have to gamble with cash while betting on sports. Unlike betting in a sportsbook, you are not charged with vie when playing with friends. The principles are straightforward and simple to comprehend.

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‘Broker Forex Terbaik Indonesia’: FX Access

Anywhere in Asia, people do look for the best forex broker to work with. Like in Indonesia, people will type on their search engine ‘broker forex terbaik Indonesia’ and pick which ones they want. Forex broker is a hot thing nowadays as it has its own community, not just in Asia, but the whole world really. People see this occupation as a way to be wealthy, hence the amount of people joining every day is huge. Little do they know that involving in forex trading is more about the fine suitcases and expensive ties.

In choosing a forex broker, there surely be tons of things to consider. There are qualities that make a good forex broker that you need to access. One of them would be following licensing and regulations. Top-quality forex brokers will surely follow all the rules and regulations, and it will be vice versa for the ones who are not quality forex brokers. Another superb quality of a good forex broker will be the gesture of giving a demo account to you. This will allow you to learn and be comfortable with the platform. Also, gives you time to check whether this platform is for you or not. A good forex broker will surely give you this trial period which has no risk to you. The time period usually is a few weeks or a month with fake money. 

broker forex terbaik indonesia

Finding the right search for ‘broker forex terbaik Indonesia’ sometimes can be misleading and a waste of time. So, why not use your information technology skills and go online and search for help from FX Access? They are a multifunction platform with so many things you can learn and gain. From guides to training, FX Access has been a trusted platform where people all around the world come and refer to their sources. FX Access will provide you news, updates, articles, answers, you name it. 

They also have lists of the best forex broker from worldwide and other countries as well. They also have one for ‘broker forex terbaik Indonesia’. The list they made is lined up with only the best and trustworthy in the business. That way, you do not have to worry about encountering any scammers and fraudsters. Even for beginners, the process of trying them will be easy. A good online broker is the ones that give you the best. So, thanks to FX Access, they will give you brokers with good service, decent fees, and protections. 

The time you click on any forex broker listed, complete information will be shown for you. From summaries to pros and cons, and ratings, you have nothing to worry about as the forex broker listed are transparent with their customers. We understand that not all forex brokers are perfect, hence the list exists to assist people of Indonesia to make the best choice out of their options. With more than 10 platforms listed, you surely will be satisfied and happy with the choices provided. In any case, if you looking for any guide of any kind, FX Access, the provider of ‘broker forex terbaik Indonesia’, is more than ready to help. Only the best at FX Access. 

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Activities You Can Do at Home to Eliminate Boredom

Being able to party all night, go out, have booze, and gamble, are some things that we love doing. It gives us so much energy and just keeps us alive. But with the pandemic going on, it’s been tough to keep doing all those things. 

Many people are having a hard time adjusting to the new normal. If you’re one of those people, we totally understand you. It is a good thing that you’ve come across this article for we have some tips that will help you out in killing the boredom that’s been going on in your place. Just read through the whole article to find out what these are. 

Remember those times where you wanted to learn something, but can’t because you don’t have the time? Well now, you actually have the time. You got all the time you need so you have no excuses. You can learn a new dish, new skill, new language, etc. You can learn all that stuff. 

Then, another thing that you could do is to do vlogging. Start your very own channel. Upload some stuff such as your morning routine, night routine, skincare routine, your knowledge, and all those sorts of stuff. You can share your knowledge with the world. You can share your fashion secrets, etc. Many people are doing this. You could decide and create your own content. 

Then another thing you can do is to try and meditate, do yoga, read books. This would also be a perfect time for you to relax. You can get rid of the stress from the outside world. You focus on your health, plan your meals, exercise, and just get that fit body you’ve always wanted.

If you’re into gambling, you can always try online gambling, which is a lot more beneficial compared to actual gambling. It is less stressful and less hassle. You no longer have to go through stressful traffic, sit through loud background music, and all those sorts of stuff. You can be at home, and wear your comfiest clothing, and you’d still be able to play amazing casino games. How cool is that? You can basically be anywhere, and anytime you like, just as long as you have access to the internet, you’re good to go. 

Aside from that, you are a lot safer on an online platform because your identity is protected. When things start to heat up between two opponents, you do not have to worry about reaching physical blows because that won’t happen. Only the system knows who you really are, and that is confidential. 

Now, to get the best results there is, here’s what you should do. You need to sign up on Regal88 for they have the best deals, best promotions, and the best set up there. Once you get to experience what it’s like, you’ll surely be happy about it.

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A Guide to the Perfect Sex Toy Store in Malaysia

Is your boyfriend’s birthday coming up? Are you having a hard time finding the perfect gift for your boyfriend? Well, don’t worry because we’re here to help you out. 

It is always an exciting time when it’s your significant other’s birthday. But the stress that comes with it, thinking about what thinking what you should do, the gifts you’re going to prepare, and how how to make his day special is always a struggle. You cannot spend your time playing blackjack, no. Good thing we know a lot about these things. If you want to make your boyfriend’s birthday special without feeling too much stressed, well well just read through the whole article to find out. 

sex toy store malaysia
  • So the first thing you’re going to do is to get a shoe box, the bigger the better. What you’re going to do with this shoe box is to fill it with a ton of his favorite things. His favorite men’s perfume, his favorite brand of socks, a deodorant he uses, you could throw in a sweater or a cap, depending on which he’s using more often. 
  • If youryou’re boyfriend is more of a sentimental type of guy, you can always surprise him with a jar of love. So what you’re going to do is to get a mason jar. Then you’ll prepare 365 strips of paper. In every paper, you have the rightto right reasons why you love him, or how much you love him. On top of the lid, you’ll write, “take one every day”. It basically is a reminder how much you love him every day for the rest of the year. You can also decorate the mason jar however you want. You can add pictures, color it in his favorite color, and all thatthose sort of stuff. Guaranteed, this will put a smile on his face. And, there’s a pretty good chance he’ll be crying about this.
  • Then, another great idea is to take him out on a DIY movie date. So what you’re going to do is to get a basket. Then you’re going to fill it with a bunch of movie snacks, like popcornpopcorns, junkfood, some sodas, and etc. Then you’re also going to throw in some blanket, and rent or buy some DVDs you can both watch together. This is such a cute date you both would enjoy.

So what are you waiting for? As you can see, all these things stuff is super easy and did not take a lot of money to do. Guaranteed this will make any man happy. The thought and effort you put into these gifts will surely be valued. Another type of gift you can try giving a sex toy from the sex toy store in Malaysia. That is right and if you will use them during one of your rendezvous, for sure he will be the happiest.

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Malaysia Website Design: Check Out Digital Zoopedia

Let’s face it. We all have been stunned by some of the websites we have been to. Malaysia’s website design is among the important things in online business. The Internet nowadays has guided us into the future, safe to say a new world. A digitalize one. Now we can shop through our screen by online shopping, watch live streams from your screen, and more. It is easier with the Internet. But still, having a great website design requires human creativity to achieve. 

What is exactly web design? Its when you go through a certain website all the colors and graphic shows up, yes, that is web design. It is a process of planning, building, and designing a website. Now it is not a one-man job. The process will need the mind of a graphic designer, interface designer, content creator, SEO expert, and more. Combining these minds and creativity in a correct way, you can produce an aesthetical outcome.

malaysia website design

Digital Zoopedia, one of the best Malaysia’s website design company is the place to go. They are a creative agency and they specialize in the digital world. They got everything, every single tool for you to achieve the success your business is destined to! They will guide you through the traffic and shoot you for the best. Founded in 2010, the Digital Zoopedia specializes in three things, engine optimization or SEO, mobile app development, and social media marketing. 

In making an extraordinary website design, they believe in the balance of looks and features. Your clients will be amazed by how pleasant the website is and at the same time, it will function really well. Imagine having both of the qualities? Dream website that is.

Now the SEO. This step is very important as this is how your website will be discovered. It will be nothing but a waste if your well-designed website has zero audiences and attention. To avoid that, Digital Zoopedia, sunning Malaysia’s website design company will help you achieve both marketing and design-wise.

Some people underestimate the power of social media. Not Digital Zoopedia. They will make your business be the talking point through this platform. Imagine your follower gone crazy with your new post and updates about new products or announcements. And that news is easily shared by them and the branch kept on spreading. How is that for marketing, huh? The team at Digital Zoopedia will make full use of social media so you have so much easier reach to people across the world. As said before, the world is slowly shifting into a new era of technology and fast information. Eventually, you will need to utilize these platforms to be as competitive if not ahead of others. 

This is why Digital Zoopedia, great Malaysia’s website design company is here to help. They are your one-stop for everything digital and design. They have all the necessary tools for you to shoot to the top from SEO to designing. They will combine their expertise with your vision and together a great result can be achieved. Remember, there is no such thing as dreaming too high. Dream big and go into the future with Digital Zoopedia. 

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Finding Your Home Online: Tips And Tricks

There is nothing we cannot do online. From purchasing your favorite steak to finding a life partner, we do it all online. Many of us cannot imagine a world without the internet. The power of connectivity and utility it provided has been irreplaceable and nothing can come close to it. We can only choose to imagine a world where online activities get much more advanced and limitations are crossed. 

Since we do everything on the internet, finding a home on the internet is not that far from being feasible. In fact, many never look for homes in an old-fashioned way. We no longer look up notice boards, or the news to find an apartment. We dont rely on the newspaper, nor do we rely on the hours of driving around Cheras for house hunting. Today, we use the internet and online medium for our house hunting purposes. 


Finding our home online is incredibly convenient. It only takes a few hours of our time with thousands of options to scroll through. The options fit a wide range of budgets, preferences, and styles. No matter what you are looking for, you are bound to find a house that fits your dreams and aesthetics on the internet. However, there are some things to keep in mind when house hunting online. Let’s take a closer look! 

Choosing A Legitimate Website 

There are so many different places on the internet where you could do the house hunting. Some people use social media, others use websites. There are hundreds of ad placements for house listing on the Facebook market place while there are hundred more websites for us to scroll through. It is not necessary to look at each and every website to find the dream house in Cheras. Sometimes just one website is more than enough. But before going through the website, be careful to check out its legitimacy and credibility. Reviews go a long way in helping you make your decision. 

Understanding Your Budget Before Hand 

One tiny mistake that we all do while househunting online is we overlook our budget. Because of the convenience, we bookmark hundreds of houses back and forth. However, have you refined your search according to your desired budget? It is not only a matter of budget but it is also a matter of facilities and renovations of the house that should fit the budget. If you want to save money look for a home that provides all the facilities like the internet, water, and electricity in your allocated budget amount. 

Do Not Rely On The Pictures 

Pictures can be incredibly deceiving when shopping on the internet. Whether it is clothes or even houses, the rules for depending on pictures remain the same. To be on the safer side while shopping, we never rely on pictures to build up an image in our heads. We look at the numbers that are scrunched down and we look at the reviews. Numbers, reviews, statistics give away a lot more useful information than a fabricated and edited picture.