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Time Internet Now Important for You

The most common unit of measurement for the speed of an internet connection is Mbps, or Megabit per second, both in download and upload. Mbps download means the speed at which our internet connection allows us to download files, movies or games, while Mbps upload means the speed with which our internet allows us to upload files to the network, which can be useful both for video calls, since we have to transmit our images, to upload videos on youtube and, if you want to take to the rampant phenomenon of live shows, to stream live on sites like Facebook or Twitch. You can apply Time fibre home broadband Malaysia and get immediate results.

The Right Speed needs Knowledge

In the past, we have proposed a long study on the difference between Megabit and Megabyte which you can find here.

  • Together with our download and upload speed, the speedtest also shows us our PING, used to measure the data transmission delay, whose value (calculated in milliseconds) is best if the lowest possible (as opposed to the speed in download and upload).
  • To find out the speed of your connection thanks to the speedtest just connect to the site and click on “GO”. The site will provide you with your PING values, download and upload speeds in no time and is available on every device. You can then calculate the speed of your connection from a PC or smartphone (both Android and IOS) and even from a smart TV.

What is a good connection speed?

An acceptable connection, sufficient for most online activities, cannot fall below the 25 Mbps threshold. With a connection below this value, it will be very easy to run into buffering problems when watching a video and especially if the connection is used by more than one. 

In short, especially for families, it is necessary to have a connection that goes beyond 25 Mbps, also calculating that most likely the speed will not remain constant, but could fluctuate between higher and lower values ​​and in case of slow connection, this would only lead to other problems.

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Many services have also been optimized for slower connections, just think of Netflix which theoretically allows you to watch a movie in HD even with only a 5 Mbps connection. Obviously, however, the recommended speed for a connection depends above all on the needs of each person.

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5 Benefits Of Branding Small Businesses


When it comes to creating a business, be it big or small, it is easier to say the profit will come along in the long run, but the catch is: not all have the luck to get their names out there for everyone to notice their existence. To be at the front page of prestigious business articles does not come with simply presenting, but you need a build of identity for your future consumers to understand the mission of your commerce. That is why one of the most critical parts of running a successful business is branding. It is the initial impression you create on your audience, and it is what sets you apart from the competitors. Your brand reflects exactly what your clients should anticipate from you. It is your voice, mission, marketing materials, packaging, and website to be propagated across the entire globe. It can also be the sole reason why people prefer you over others. 

Simply said, branding entails more than just a logo. It is critical for small businesses, in particular, to attract and maintain loyal clients, and branding will do just that. Here are 5 benefits of branding small businesses:

Provides A Clear Path Forward

Branding offers a solid foundation for your company as it grows. With a solid strategy in place, you can refer to it to ensure that your products and services are in keeping with the mission and goals of your business. From here, it will set the tone for everything you do after that, thus everything will run as smoothly as butter. Who knows, maybe your business will expand into a branding service Malaysia.

Assists In Attracting Your Target Clients

Different people possess different interests – they are drawn to someone or something that shares their values. For a branding perspective, you will be more likely to attract the correct people if your brand properly represents your firm. Say if you own an extravagant clothing store and your target audience is to attract higher-paying customers, your branding must be consistent and worth the figure. In this situation, you might wish to utilize better packaging or include a lovely card with each purchase, or a small gift as an appreciation for supporting the business. Small nuances matter, and these are what your ideal clients will remember and possibly recommend to their friends and families about your business. 

Saves Money And Time 

It is critical for small businesses to keep track of where their money is going and make sure it is within the budget. You must decide what is most essential to you and what is best for your business. You may not be very consistent if you do not have suitable branding in place. You have to revise your strategy, logo, messaging, website, and other elements multiple times before you’re totally satisfied. In the long run, you may end up spending more time and money on adjustments than you did on laying a solid foundation in the first place.

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Why Is Trading Psychology Important For Traders?

When it comes to trading, be it stocks, forex (see top forex brokers reviews indonesia), or almost any other asset, trading psychology is a crucial factor. In reality, it is just as important as skills and knowledge on how to trade or current economic or market conditions. Trading psychology refers to a trader’s mentality, as well as how they manage their own emotions, cognitive processes, and decision making. Traders who remain sensible at all times and do not succumb to greed or fear have a much better chance of receiving huge payouts, or at the very least not losing too much money, based on the studies in trading psychology.

top forex brokers reviews indonesia

In this article, we will look at a few stimuli that affect trading decisions. The first stimuli we are going to look at is fear. For example, when there is a sudden market crash, the first thing that comes to a trader’s mind is to withdraw the funds to save money. Next, we are going to look at how anger affects the trading psychology of a trader. For example, a trader loses a trade and is furious about it. As a result, they react to it in a negative manner by opening fresh positions that might lead them to regret. These two stimuli mentioned are negative in the sense that they indicate that the outside world has a bigger impact on a person.

Moving on to impatience, a good example would be when traders engage in trading, the payouts are so small that they cannot wait for big returns, they end up making colossal deposits and open many larger positions. Greed will also affect the trading psychology of a trader. For example, when a trader gains profits from a certain trade, they end up wanting more and can’t stop placing fresh trades. These two stimuli, on the other hand, are more related to the sense that they indicate that a person is attempting to expand their influence on the outside world.

It is imperative that a trader understands these stimuli as they will affect the decision making process and ultimately the result of a trade. In order to improve trading psychology, traders must understand themselves well and learn how to overcome emotions like that. The first step a trader can take is finding out what type of personality they have. This is one of the finest strategies to limit your emotions. This is because finding out if they are easily swayed by emotions before starting to trade will help a trader to be more prepared for what’s to come. 

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As a human being, in spite of our apparent self-awareness, our character still manages to let us down sometimes. Understanding ourselves helps us to be more aware of our inclination for reckless decisions in emergency situations. With that being said, we won’t be too shocked and overwhelmed by our actual decisions, which makes it easier to get out of the situation. Having a specific plan is another recommendation that can potentially boost the psychological response to various market developments. Even if we are indifferent about our mental wellbeing, it enables us to focus our energies on trading and follow a strategy. As a result, our minds are less anxious about not being sure what to do next.

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Information Technology Course: Learn And Get Employed

Learn all about Malaysia best bachelor in information technology course! Check out the best colleges, the activities of a professional and more.

If you are a high school student or have recently finished school and are now looking for higher education, it is natural that you have doubts. After all, there are many options for courses that are on the rise, as is the case with Information Technology.

Malaysia best bachelor in information technology course

Those who like to develop new things and deal with technology may also be interested in courses such as Information Systems, Computer Science and Software Engineering.

What is Information Technology?

Information Technology (IT) is part of the so-called professions of the future, as this area tends to expand much on account of the evolution of information technology and digital resources,

It is an area of ​​knowledge whose professionals are trained to work in companies, using technology as their main work tool.

Thus, through the knowledge of technological resources, the IT area serves as support for the execution of activities of other departments of the companies. The sectors of accounting, planning, goods production, design, press and media production, in general, are some examples of those who can count on the support of the Information Technology professional.

What the student studies

The Widad course covers subjects in the areas of computer science and management, which are based on mathematics. Inside computing, the student uses to learn software development, programming language, and database system implementation, amongst other contents. He studies accounting, administration, economics, marketing, finance, people management and business, and production management in the managerial arena, for example.

What the professional does

Manages the infrastructure resources in Information Technology of a company, from the teams of professionals to the consumption of paper and cartridge, through the creation and development of projects and systems. It identifies solutions for small and medium-sized companies selecting, for example, the most appropriate equipment and software or hiring third parties to do this work and other services, such as implementing security and database systems. You can also perform consultancy and system audits. As it offers a view of Information Technology from Management, the course is highly sought after by professionals who wish to pursue a second degree in the area and grow in the profession. The training allows the technologist to make a much more effective decision based on IT knowledge.

Where to work

Small and medium-sized companies in the private sector, public companies, auditors, specialized in IT, financial institutions and consultancies. The professional can also open his own IT or consulting company.

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Our Biggest Challenges When It Comes to Money.

There would always be problems when it comes to money. You could have too little money, or you could be wondering how to spend them when you have too much. Money is essential, after all. It’s impossible for anyone to survive without earning money. There are house rent, electric bills and tuition fee to pay for, after all. You will need money for almost everything in your lifetime, sometimes it can be surprising how much money someone needs to have in order to survive. If you try adding up all the money you have used so far, it’s possible that the amount can go up to a million, and that’s if you are not a rich person who loves spending money. 

Now, let’s see the biggest challenges we face when it comes to money.

Spending Too Much 

The obvious challenge is when we spend too much and go over our budget of the month. Of course it is a problem when people overspend, how can you settle your payments if you do not have enough money? This could happen to anyone, no matter if they are university students, a housewife or even a middle schooler. Sometimes, you just receive some money and the next time you blink, it’s gone just as fast! It could be because you go shopping despite knowing you don’t have that much money left or there’s a sudden bill you have to pay immediately in that month. It is advisable that you go for the option of planning what you have to pay for in a month and have some amount of money to spare. That way, you would not have to be on a strict diet because you don’t have money to eat after spending too much.

Dealing With Debt

Some people take the easy way out when they do not have money by having a debt. You could be borrowing some money from someone close like you family and friends, or you could be having a loan from the bank. Let’s say a bank loan for your car or your house. However, it becomes a challenge when you have to pay but doesn’t have enough money to do so. Some borrow more money to pay for debt and it only helps to increase your debt as you struggle to pay for all the debts. Thus, be smart and don’t borrow money if you are not sure that you can pay them back. Do you know that you could lose your friendship or relationship due to debt? This is even more possible if you have debt due to mobile gambling when you download mega888 that lets you gamble using mobile phones anywhere and anytime.

Different Cost of Living

Sometimes, the amount of money we spend could be different from one another. This can be seen when people living in the city pay more because the cost of living there is higher than those living in the rural areas. This cannot be helped as the price of rentals and products in the city drives up due to the higher density of the population. It is logical why most city people become materialistic and are intense workaholics.

Last Words

All in all, there are indeed challenges when it comes to money since having less usually means there will be problems with paying for house rent or car loan. However, it depends on people as it matters how you have been spending your money. Be smart when you spend your money and you will find yourself free of stress as you go through your daily life.

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The Wonders Of Food Choices That Are In Malaysia

These days, not many go to restaurants and dine in, majority of people do not have that much time or energy, and even then its pandemic season and covid-19 are still there, so keeping that in mind not many wants to even go out and dine in a restaurant. So what do people do, like what has been stated that many people don’t have time or energy to dine in, definitely they are not cooking or even planning on, maybe once in a while to be healthy and try to get on a diet, but guess what, technology has grown to a point where you can just order your desire food through online websites and get your preferred food and order right in front of your doorstep. This is because there are many ways on how to utilize social media for small companies. Here is a list of websites that are and that are available web design companies in Malaysia for you to order and enjoy your meals.

web design companies Malaysia

Food Panda

Food Panda will be the first on this list because it has been widely spread and many restaurants are using this application for their customers to order their food. It is very conventional and is easy to access. They search for the food they need, and place their order, type in their address and they will receive their food in no time. Although this website was not the first food website that was established, it has reached the maximum outreach. Moreover, with their discounts and low price, their website has been used by many and not only that they have these weekly discounts for users to use for their food and beverages. 

Grab Food

Grab Food was one of the first food delivery website that was establish, it has selected restaurants though, but that does not mean their service are bad, their service are the most standardize service that they have received. Most of the time, their feedback from their customers is good. The thing about GrabFood is that they are not just doing food delivery, but they even have grocery delivery service and transportation services for people to use, they are more focused on the transportation service. 


DahMakan is a pretty lowkey and very unrecognized website, not many use this app but honestly this website provides their customers with several well priced food with great ranking. Most of the time the food they provide is very high class and rich, so it is not a shocker that the price fits the order or the restaurant. 

The best part of this food delivery website is that not only are there increasing customers, they also allow and recruit more new members as their delivery services drivers. This is a great way to increase the economical standards and at the same time give their customers what they need. A win-win situation.

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How To Utilize Social Media For Small Companies

Indeed, social media is among the easiest ways to get in contact with people who still love your product. It’s also essential to obtain out to those who haven’t noticed about your business yet. 

Starting up with social work doesn’t have to be frightening or pricey. With these 5 simple social media advertising tips, small business owners can reach new markets, raise brand awareness, and boost revenue.

Create A Decent Plan

Social tools are simple to use and you can get started with original posts free of charge. That could make it attractive to dive in and just start posting. But like every good marketing strategy, using digital platforms for business development needs to begin with a smart idea. 

Without a plan, you have no specific vision for what you’re seeking to accomplish. That means there’s no way you can calculate your performance. Take the time to set up a social media program right upfront. This means that all corporate activities support clear business objectives.

Here are some of the effective social media helpful hints in our Guide to constructing a Social Media Marketing Plan: 

  • Set the aim and goals of social media. 
  • Conduct research for the opponent. 
  • Conduct an audit of social media 
  • Find your motivation. 
  • Create a calendar for social media.

Consider which apps suit you 

Make no claims as to where your viewers are spending their time online. Your gut reaction may tell you that you must skip Facebook and concentrate on Instagram and Snapchat if you’re addressing millennials. However, the data shows that Facebook still been used by 84 percent of millennials. To ensure you’re utilizing social media for business adequately, you’re going to need to do some investigations of your own. This will make you realize how your particular group of people is spending its time on the internet. 

Remember that doesn’t have to be on an every-or-nothing strategy. You could use various social methods to reach multiple people or to meet various business objectives.

Get to know your target audience 

One rationale why using social media for marketing is so efficient is that you can multi-target your audience. however initially of all, you ought to comprehend who your viewer is. 

Begin by collecting information for your existing clients. Then drill down with the analysis of social media. You’re going to start developing a concise overview of who’s purchasing and communicating with you online.

Expand the viewers 

Once you’ve got a clear image of who your crowd is, you can reconsider your social media strategy. It’s an opportunity to delve for ways of reaching out to more people much like them. 

The UK fashion label Never Fully Dressed adequate inventory in its domestic market. They already had a great judgment of who their customers were in the United Kingdom. When the brand was willing to grow globally, they used eye-catching audiences relying on their valued customers to reach additional customers in Europe, North America, Asia, and South Africa.

Develop Relationship 

The unique advantage of social media advertising for small businesses is that it enables you to communicate directly to the customer and members. You can build relationships with people, instead of asking for a forthright sale. More than 40% of online users use social networks to look for new brands and companies. Part of this exploration is trying to get to know who you really are as a brand as well as what you hold for.

When users interact with your quality material or ads, it’s a brilliant idea to get back on board. This helps to build confidence and to establish a loyal follower. As fans share and like your information, you acquire new, free, involvement in social algorithms. You also foster relationships that can grow into sales and market share.