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Documentaries About Gambling That You Should Watch

If you are someone that loves to gamble or watch documentaries, here are some of the best documentaries that are related to gambling, maybe you can even watch these documentaries while playing online betting Malaysia. 

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Now Place Your Bets

Professor Richard Davies, Pete Rose, and Joe D’Amico appear in this 2017 documentary film directed by Dennis Tobler. The film chronicles the extraordinary emergence of legalized sports betting in Las Vegas, which grew into a multi-billion dollar business around the world. This film explores the world of sports betting, particularly in the United States and Las Vegas, where it is allowed. The film also shows how Las Vegas was instrumental in turning sports betting into a worldwide phenomenon. The film focuses on the milestones that helped shape the industry into where it is today, using footage, images, and in-depth interviews. Professional gamblers, bookies, historians, and journalists who observed the events are featured heavily in the film.

Bet Raise Fold: The Story Of Online Poker

The origins of online real money poker, its evolution, and its impact on US authorities are the subjects of this 2013 documentary. The film, directed by Ryan Firpo, has actors from all around the country, putting light on the consequences of federal government actions that resulted in a conflict between the government and the industry. The documentary details the steady ascent and sudden crash of the online multi-million dollar poker industry in the 2000s, as well as its impact on poker professionals. The rise and demise of the industry are intertwined around the film’s three central protagonists – Marvin, an Australian math genius who uses poker to travel the world, Danielle, a mother from Minnesota who supports her family by playing online poker, and Tony, a casanova who presents the World Poker Tour on television.

Inside: Underground Poker

The ensemble of colorful individuals in this 2012 documentary includes John the Banker, Mikey Tats, and Brad the Conductor. The film, directed by Jon Bulette, explores the underground poker scene in New York City and its impact on the lives of the players. Brad, who organizes these illegal poker games and is always one step ahead of the federal and state gaming regulators, is seen in the film. This underground poker sector is an important part of any gambler’s life, and the filmmaker has done an excellent job of taking us through these players’ ups and downs.

Gambling Addiction And Me: The Real Hustler

The plot centers around Alexis’ gambling addiction and its influence on his estranged father, as directed by Iain Scollay and written by Alexis Conran. He embarks on a journey to comprehend and expose the seriousness of a gambling disorder, as well as how it affects the lives of those close to him. He meets a lot of gambling addicts, family members, and professionals in order to figure out why gambling is so profitable. On IMDb, it has a 7.5/10 rating.

In conclusion, these are some of the best documentaries about gambling, that definitely worth your time watching.