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Causes Of Stress and How to Cope with It

Stress is generally created by others — or, in some circumstances, ourselves — putting too much pressure on us, and if left uncontrolled, it may lead to an inability to operate efficiently and manage under pressure. Everyone will feel stressed at least once in their life and some people might realise that they are experiencing stress but some people might not know that they are stressed and end up lashing it out in a wrong way.

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What are the causes of stress?

1.       Pressure from the surrounding

Pressure from the surrounding may vary depending on your age. For teenagers, it is common to feel pressured by parents or teachers or friends when it comes to study but the way you put it out is what will help. Pressure in academics can be both positive and negative and if you cannot cope with it, make sure to let them know and ask for help.

2.       Lack of money

Lack of money seems like nothing if you are wealthy but if you are the person who needs to support you family financially, it might be the cause of stress for you.

3.       Personal pressure

This usually has a lot of causes such as injuries, health problems or doing household chores. It is actually bad if you keep it for too long, so you have to find things that you can do to reduce the stress.

Those are some of the causes of stress but there is actually a lot more out there. Now, I will be talking about how to cope with your stress. There are various ways that you can try in order to manage your stress and some of it are:

1.       Start scheduling

This is important especially if your source of stress and pressure are related to work or routine. When you are being assigned with a lot of work at one time, it can be quite overwhelming and scheduling what you will do first and what comes next is very important.

2.       Take a break

Taking a break from what you do. You can do anything you want which includes sleeping, play the best online casino Malaysia or even start baking. Everyone has their own way of managing their stress and you should find what is the most suitable for you.

3.       Share the problems

Stress is usually caused by a problem and to cope with it, you have to let it all out. Sharing thoughts and worries with family, friends, and co-workers can help a person “blow off steam” and feel less alone. Others may be able to provide unexpected, practical answers to the stressor.

4.       Set realistic expectations

One of the reasons for stress is expecting something higher that it can be. It is okay to expect good things or better things but it is not okay to set your expectations unrealistically. Be aware of the things you can change and concentrate on accepting the things you can’t.

There are a lot more ways to cope with stress which includes eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly and also seeking professional help. You can choose to cope with the ways that you are comfortable with because different people have different ways and opinions on something.