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Time Internet Now Important for You

The most common unit of measurement for the speed of an internet connection is Mbps, or Megabit per second, both in download and upload. Mbps download means the speed at which our internet connection allows us to download files, movies or games, while Mbps upload means the speed with which our internet allows us to upload files to the network, which can be useful both for video calls, since we have to transmit our images, to upload videos on youtube and, if you want to take to the rampant phenomenon of live shows, to stream live on sites like Facebook or Twitch. You can apply Time fibre home broadband Malaysia and get immediate results.

The Right Speed needs Knowledge

In the past, we have proposed a long study on the difference between Megabit and Megabyte which you can find here.

  • Together with our download and upload speed, the speedtest also shows us our PING, used to measure the data transmission delay, whose value (calculated in milliseconds) is best if the lowest possible (as opposed to the speed in download and upload).
  • To find out the speed of your connection thanks to the speedtest just connect to the site and click on “GO”. The site will provide you with your PING values, download and upload speeds in no time and is available on every device. You can then calculate the speed of your connection from a PC or smartphone (both Android and IOS) and even from a smart TV.

What is a good connection speed?

An acceptable connection, sufficient for most online activities, cannot fall below the 25 Mbps threshold. With a connection below this value, it will be very easy to run into buffering problems when watching a video and especially if the connection is used by more than one. 

In short, especially for families, it is necessary to have a connection that goes beyond 25 Mbps, also calculating that most likely the speed will not remain constant, but could fluctuate between higher and lower values ​​and in case of slow connection, this would only lead to other problems.

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Many services have also been optimized for slower connections, just think of Netflix which theoretically allows you to watch a movie in HD even with only a 5 Mbps connection. Obviously, however, the recommended speed for a connection depends above all on the needs of each person.