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What Is Mild Steel?

An introduction of mild steel

In fact, low carbon steel is carbon steel with a carbon content of less than 0.25%, also known as soft steel, because its strength is relatively low, the hardness is also relatively low soft. Generally most of the ordinary carbon steel structural steel and part of the high-quality carbon structural steel are low carbon steel, will not be heat treated and used for engineering structural parts, only a small part of which will be carburised and other heat treatment for the requirements of very wear-resistant mechanical parts. The strength and hardness of mild steel plate are relatively low, and low carbon steel annealing organization is generally ferrite and a small amount of pearlite, its plasticity and toughness will be relatively good. Mild steel plate malaysia also has a very good welding performance, can take the use of rolled edges, bending and stamping methods to cooling and forming, so the carbon content of 0.10% to 0.30% of the low carbon steel will be very easy to accept a variety of processing, such as forging, welding and cutting.

How is mild steel made?

The general method of making mild steel is similar to that of other carbon steels, and the common method involves a combination of iron ore and coal, and once the coal and iron ore have been extracted from the soil, they are melted together in a blast furnace, and after melting the mixture is moved to another furnace to burn off any impurities they may produce, and then the chemical composition of the mild steel is adjusted. The chemical composition is then adjusted and the steel is solidified into rectangular shapes before being reduced to the required size by hot or cold rolling.

Mild steel plate is a very common form of steel and because it is so inexpensive, it also has great versatility in many applications

What is the difference between mild steel and stainless steel?

In fact, their biggest difference lies in the difference in carbon content, generally low carbon steel carbon content will be less than 0.25%, will generally be used for engineering structural parts will not undergo any heat treatment, while stainless steel is stainless acid-resistant steel, it has a resistance to air, steam and water and other weak corrosive media characteristics.  So the two in the chemical composition of the existence of certain differences will also make their difference in chemical composition between the two makes their corrosion resistance different.

The above is the content of the knowledge of what mild steel is, I believe that we now have a certain understanding of what mild steel is, and the biggest difference between it and stainless steel is that the carbon content is different.